At YLB we believe each one of us  have a unique beauty that should be explored and exploded, We are perfectionists when it comes to design personalized sets of LASHES that go perfectly with your eye shape,facial features and life style, we love when you feel like a glamorous celebrity after your lash session (AKA Beauty Nap)! 

We have devoted our time and expertise to find not only the highest quality and most advance techniques and products in eyelash extensions but also the safest and most gentle for your natural lashes, the stronger and healthier your natural lashes are the denser and longer extensions we able to place on them.

 Our team of licensed and highly trained professionals is obsessed with lash artistry  and committed to deliver  stunning results! 


Let us  introduced your to your next favorite accessory : EYELASH EXTENSIONS 

   "The eyes tell more than words could ever say"

All pictures on this website are part of our  lash art creations.

Support a dream, support your local gal gang!.