Q: How long do lash extensions last ?
A: A new full set with the after care needed will last 3-4 weeks this will also depend on your lifestyle and growth cycle. Refills are recommended to keep your lashes looking nice and full.

Q: How do they feel ?
A: Properly applied lash extensions must be very light. You can not feel them.

Q: How long does it takes to apply a full set?
A: Depending on the technique , can go from 1.5 to 3.5 hrs.


Q: Should i go for Classic or Volume lashes?

A: It really depends on your natural lashes and the desired look. Classic lashes are heavier so if you want a natural look and have healthy strong lashes go for it! they are so wispy and amazing, if you want a natural look but your lashes are thin i would recommend volume over classic because classic extensions are heavier and i can deliver a natural look with volume technique using lighter extensions, remember that is not only about the look but about whats best for your natural lashes in order to keep them healthy and growing , over weighting lashes can damage your natural lash. Volume can be styled so you can go natural or super full,long and glam! 

Q: Can I wear make up / make up remover ?
A: If you want to wear any  mascara-liner and make up remover  use water based products. AVOID ANY OILS. the more make up you use the less time your extensions are going to last, most of  my clients stop feeling like they need mascara or liner once they see the results. Do not wear mascara if you have Volume lashes the fans i created for you will close up and they will never look the same even when you remove the make up.

Q: What to avoid after my lash application ?
No eyelash curlers on your eyelash extensions. Avoid rubbing, touching and playing with your eyelash extensions.
Use a tissue to blot dry lashes after washing your face do not use your regular towel, then brush with your mascara wand, lint can get tangled in your extensions (so no Qtips -Wipes to remove make up)

Q: Can I swim ?
A: Yes. Although swimmers tend to lose a little bit more extensions than someone who's not in direct contact with water (chlorine and rough physical activity)

Q: Can i get a Refill after a month of my application?
A:No, refills are only after 2-3 weeks , at least 40% of your extensions must remain to be considered as a refill, otherwise you will need a Large Refill or Full Set depending on the situation and that will be the price charge.

Q: When can I not have eyelash extensions applied?
A: If you have any eye irritations or infections or experience allergies to the products being used.


It is important to clean any makeup residue from your lashes (12 hrs previous to your application). Any residue on your lashes prevent the bond from fully attaching the extension to the natural lash. If you wear contacts bring a travel case to place them in during your appointment. It's helpful to wash your hair before your appointment because you want to avoid getting your lashes wet for 24 hrs, do not  consume  coffee or other caffeinated drinks.

As a courtesy to your stylist please silence your phone during your session.