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Mermaid Night

For as long as i can remember mermaids have been always amazing mythical creatures that make me dream with an incredible swimming skill (that i really dont have) and with precious colorful hair.

I decided that this Halloween i was going to do everything i could to put together time, money and dieting!! because we all know mermaids have this amazing body. I started by looking for somebody who was as obsessed with mermaids and magic as me, but also who had the ability to design my amazing clam bra. Well, little did i know there is this girl in New Orleans owner of Sea Gypsy Couture a costume design atelier ONLY for mermaid enthusiasts. Once i placed my order i knew the mermaid night it was a serious matter for the month. Weeks after i started to fell worried about the rest of my outfit looking for a comfortable mermaid tail is no easy task! i came across this amazing super high green sequin boots and it was love at first sight, i found them at if you haven't shop from them you have been missing out girl! super fast shipping , cool clothes and shoes and the best of all very very affordable! now the mission was > what the hell am i going to wear right in the middle of my body ?? PRETTY important. Days passed and i had no idea what to wear til i decided to go on Pinterest like the rest of the world when there is a huge lack of self creativity and i found this super cool skirt. IDENTICAL sequin color as my boots i wanted to cry of happiness, I ordered it right away hoping China didn't play me with the shipping time .. HA! it did. i haven't received my skirt yet! surprise ,surprise my husband knew how obsessed i was with the idea of being a mermaid this year so he ordered a second skirt that arrived the day of our Halloween party, i literally cut it and glued some shells on it and decided to ROCK IT! it was too late to cancel the whole mermaid plan.

For my make up i used : Face: Nars foundation - Barcelona glow sheer Highlight and Contoure - Jaclyn Hill palette by Becca Bronzer - Lorac Jewlery on my forhead - Michaels Eyes : everything is from Make Up Forever , some trio palette i put together myself , you can go to sephora and choose 2,3 colors and do your own! Lashes : House of Lashes -siren Liner : Maybelline, black gel Lips : Kylie Cosmetics - Kourt K mix with King K For my scales used a little black net and i padded a flat brush full with eye shadow and .. Voilaaa! throw in some glitter in my hair (previously dyed with a potent toner to make it look purple)

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